Kent Seitz M.D. Medical Weight Loss was designed to help you discover the difference a physician monitored weight management program can make. We understand the struggles that come with losing weight. Our staff has established a highly successful structured weight loss program that is simple and straight forward. This allows our medical team to have an exceptional advantage over every commercial program or fad diet when it comes to helping you to loose and maintain your weight. This is a plan that just about anyone can do! Our experience and expertise in weight management ensures that you will receive the best of care and support. If you really want to make a permanent lifestyle change, to feel good about yourself, to start feeling better physically and emotionally, then call us today.

John B.

Jenifer Z.

*Real images of actual patients. No alteration of images has occourred. Only the names have changed to assure Doctor-Patient confidentiality.

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"Our goal is for you to feel good about yourself by making a healthy lifestyle change." -Dr. Kent Seitz


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